Veteran's Day

By Skylar Letteer

With Veteran’s Day upon us, most individuals are not aware of the reason as to why we commemorate our Veterans on November 11th. Veteran’s Day was originally named “Armistice Day”, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. In 1926, Congress passed a resolution for annual observance, which made Veteran’s Day an official holiday in 1938. Unlike Memorial Day, this holiday pays tribute to the Veterans who have honorably served their country rather than remembering fallen soldiers. We take this day to celebrate bravery, and honor the ones who have heroically fought for our freedom. Because of the men and women who have sacrificed not only their safety, but their home lives as well, we are able to live in freedom.

While we do celebrate Veteran’s Day, that should not exclude us from thanking our Veterans more often than not. Reach out to the ones who have fought, and show your gratitude for all they have done. Even though it may not affect you personally, their service has greatly impacted the world we live in. Showing your appreciation could be in the form of a simple “thank you”, or as grand as an offer to pay for their meal. Kindness can be shown year round, and honoring our troops is something we don’t shy away from. Those righteous men and women helped shape this country by putting our lives ahead of their own, and we can take a moment to recognize their courage more than once a year. A thank you to the Veterans of this great nation, your service will never go unnoticed.

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