Bailey Cabe

 My name is Bailey and I am a senior here at Powell High School. Next year I’m going to Pellissippi state and majoring in Anthropology. I enjoy writing and hopefully make your day a little better with my work.


Chandler Snyder

I’m Chandler and I'm too tall. I tend to tell it as I see it.


Dillion Loope

Hey, I’m Dillion, a 17 year old junior. I pretty much have no life, but what life I do have consists of video games and talking online to friends. I hope I can bring something to the newspaper that might make people smile or allow someone to learn something new. 


Madison Raley

Hey Y’all, I’m Maddy. I’m a senior and I’ve attended Powell High for 2 years. I love music and hanging with my friends. I’m a very outgoing person and I love meeting new people. I’m in charge of all photo edits and collages on 


Austin Durkin

Hello! I’m Austin Durkin. I’m 17 years old and a senior. My main jobs are writing articles and saying stupid things. I enjoy D&D, comic books, video games, and making people chuckle.


Kylie Sweeny

 I’m Kylie, a 1st year journalism student. I’m enjoying senior year, writing, and Drumline. 

Emily Evans.heic

Emily Evans

I am a returning senior, I have been writing with the PHS newspaper for three years. I am also the editor of the yearbook and maintain a 4.0 gpa. Next year I am going to Roane State to  continue my academic and athletic career playing volleyball on their first year team. 

Ann Friend.jpg

Ann Friend

My name is Ann, I’m a junior and I write about different things going on in the world.

Mason Baird

Hi, I’m Mason, I’m a senior. I like sports, breaking news, and the coronavirus excites me.


Marisela Patino

Hi, I am Marisela. I like to read a lot, and I love writing articles about popular issues. I also like to write about polemic things, such as: politics. I am bilingual, so I am able to write articles in both spanish and english.


Madison Clabough

Hey ya’ll, my name is Madison Clabough. I am a very opinionated republican that loves Jesus and I always speak my mind. You can find me talking/writing about politics, drinking sweet tea, dancing, or wearing my boots.

ghost writer.jpg


Hi! I'm your ghostwriter. I am the one who tells it like it is...without getting in trouble!