Mariah Cruz

I’m Chandler and I'm too tall. I tend to tell it as I see it.

Chandler Snyder

I’m Mariah. I have three cats and a horrible Red Bull addiction. If you like keeping up with beauty guru drama then my articles are for you.

Dillion Loope

My name is Katherine, and I’m a senior at PHS. I love everything that has to do with music, and I always strive to write something I’m passionate about.

Katherine Sweat

Hey, I’m Dillion, a 17 year old junior. I pretty much have no life, but what life I do have consists of video games and talking online to friends. I hope I can bring something to the newspaper that might make people smile or allow someone to learn something new. 

Morgan Tidmore

I'm Aislinn. I enjoy sleeping, reading, and watching Netflix, with the occasional writing.

Aislinn Olvera

My name is Morgan, I'm a senior. I'm captain of the volleyball and track teams, and will primarily cover athletics here at good ole PHS.

Kenzie Farmer

Hey! I’m Mirabella. I’m a Junior. I’m a Saggitarius. I participate in track, cross country, student council, NHS, and robotics. :)

Mirabella Booth

Hi I’m Kenzie and I’m a junior . I work in anything theatre related and try to volunteer with anything to help the school.

Elizabeth Mata

Hi! I'm your ghostwriter. I am the one who tells it like it is...without getting in trouble!


My name is Elizabeth.