Mac and Cheese Ice Cream?

By: Ashlyn Steffy

Editor: Breanna Naysmith


Mac and cheese: a super cheesy and warm noodle dish. Ice cream: a cold and sweet treat. What about mac and cheese ice cream? It was created in favor of National Mac and Cheese Day by Kraft. They made this because companies wanted to combine the two most comforting foods - macaroni and ice cream. This cold and cheesy treat, believe it or not, is actually sold out everywhere. This ice cream is gluten-free and is sold for $12 a pint. You can buy this at Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Stores in Los Angeles, New York City, and Houston. If you live in New York City, you can get it for free from an ice cream truck set up in Market Square. If you don’t live near or in any of these cities, you’re probably out of luck, unless you order it online. You’re only limited to two pints, so everyone can get the chance to try it. Amy McCarthy stated, “It is definitely cheesy. It's a little funky, a little salty, a little sweet. But altogether I'd just say it just kind of comes together. It's very creamy and buttery and it's a lot better than you think it's gonna be.” To me, this ice cream is a NO.

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