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World Cup Opening Ceremony

Giselle Cruz Cardoza


In every ceremony of the World Cup, there is an opening event, similar to what other major sports events have at halftime. However, there is only one at the beginning of the first match played. This year, Qatar's message in this ceremony was all about coming together as one, despite all the global conflicts going on, with respect. Compared to other year's ceremonies, in which they expressed their country's culture, Qatar's message was full of emotion centered on the unity of the world. Morgan Freeman, a famous American actor, was featured in this ceremony, encouraging everyone to forget about our differences and to enjoy this world cup in peace. Junkook from BTS was also featured, revealing he had not started his military service. However, many people believed that Qatar was "sport-washing" its image to avoid the topic of its mistreated migrant workers. Even if Qatar was trying to clean up its appearance, the right message spread to the world, especially with so many countries having conflict. This sport has proven to bring the world together at peace before, even if it's for a short period of time.

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