Why Has The Cop Perspective Changed?

By: Ayden Greene


There are stories all over the news of cops killing people or treating people unfairly. These stories have changed peoples perspectives on cops. Cops are supposed to be “heroes'' but instead some within society fear them. Not all cops are as awful as the stories seen on TV, but the story of the officer who killed a man because she thought she pulled out her taiser is absurd.

Protesters and the victims' family members say “there’s no excuse for the shooting and that it shows how the justice system needs help.” Those events make big time news headlines and it shifts peoples perspective of cops to a more frightening manner. Now with that being said, all cops are not bad people. There are ways cops can help change the stigma placed on them. They need to do more talking than reacting. Of course if they are being put in danger they need to follow rules, but I feel as if talking and taking different approaches can help stop these crazy events that people see on the news involving cops. The people of this country need to feel safe and protected, but over the past few years stories of cops treating people wrongfully seem to have risen. About 86% of black adults favor permitting citizens to sue police officers to hold them accountable for misconduct, along with 75% of Hispanic adults and 60% of white adults in agreement. Those numbers show U.S. citizens fear cops rather than trusting them.

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