What Is Peer Pressure? Is It Dangerous?

By: Aiesha Patel


Peer pressure can be good and bad depending on the situation. Peer pressure is when someone is pressuring you to do something, whether it be good or bad. They could be pressuring you to do drugs or to just do something cool and fun like a roller coaster. Peer pressure can also be dangerous depending on what your peers are wanting you to do. For example, they could be forcing you to do something inappropriate, harmful, to do drugs, and even to drink. This can be bad because it can lead to depression, high-stress levels, negative behavior issues, and even more possible outcomes. However, peer pressure can be helpful as well, such as encouraging a friend to not give up and keep doing what they are doing and giving them motivation. This can give them positive behavior and help them be more confident. This is what peer pressure can do to you and how it can be both dangerous and helpful.

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