Two 70-Year-Old Men Save Moose Stuck In Mud

By: Breanna Naysmith


“Holy Jesus, this thing is really stuck! He's not stuck, he's buried!'" said Maurice Valliere. A roughly 1,500 lbs canadian moose stuck in mud up to his head. In Timmins, Ontario a full-grown male moose was seen in a mud pit not able to move. Maurice Valliere and Pat Greba at 70 years old acted quickly on this moose after finding it 20 feet from the road. They tried to contact the Mines, Natural Resources, Forestry, and Northern Development. They sadly could not reach anyone. So, by the time they cleared a path so an ATV could fit through to try to pull it out, the moose was almost buried with mud completely. After clearing the path, Vallier tried to calm the moose and attached a sling around the antlers. Both this moose’s eye and mouth were full of mud at this point. Their first attempt of pulling it out with the ATV failed so they decided to try again on the other side of the mud hole. This part of the bank was lower and covered in moss resulting in a slippery surface for the moose to slide out on. Vallier had his dog with him and the dog went and comforted the moose calming it down making for an easier save. Finally after securing the slings around the moose, they maxed out the winch and pulled the moose out of the whole. The hole was actually an on concession road that had created a pothole 7 feet deep.

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