Top Four College Football Teams Going Into New Year Six

By: Kenny Thurman

*according to AP top 25 not CFP


1. Alabama: After rolling over Georgia in the SEC championship this is now the undisputed top team in the country. With Heisman winner Bryce Young at the helm and star WR Jameson Williams still as electric as ever, the Alabama Crimson Tide is my current pick to win the National Championship and go back to back. Bowl game: Cotton Bowl Opponent: Cincinnati

2. Michigan: One of the most controversial teams in the CFP Michigan finished with a record of 12-1 only losing to #11 Michigan State(#8 at the time). Most experts have them losing to Georgia which I do agree with but the pressure that DE Aidan Hutchinson can bring on an explosive Georgia offense could propel them past the Bulldogs. Bowl Game: Orange Bowl Opponent: Georgia

3. Georgia: At one point the top team in the country and my pick to win the National Championship, the Bulldogs have had somewhat of a fall from grace. After getting curb stomped by Alabama in the SEC Championship the former #1 team has fallen to #3. I believe that this game against Michigan is exactly what the doctor ordered as I think they will come into this game real angry with a chip on their soldier. I believe this is an easy win but will be close if they let it be close. This is exactly what happened against Alabama; they came into the game all cocky and got stomped. At the end of the day, the only team that can stop Georgia is Georgia.

Bowl Game: Orange Bowl Opponent: Michigan

4. Cincinnati: The most mysterious team in the playoffs is Cincinnati. Having only played two ranked teams being #5 Notre Dame and #21 Houston. There are so many questions around Cincinnati for me to take them over any major team let alone a Nick Saban led Alabama team that just steamrolled a very talented Georgia team. But there is one thing that people tend to forget about. MOMENTUM. This Cincinnati team is HOT and hasn't lost a game. That could be a very serious factor in this game. Bowl Game: Cotton Bowl Opponent: Alabama

Kenny´s Pick

Cotton Bowl: Cincinnati has major momentum and passion but this is a very talented Alabama team who isn't ready to lose. My pick: Alabama

Orange Bowl: This is the most Michigan has won in years and momentum is on their side too. But Georgia is just too good to root against and after a bad loss against Alabama, they´re gonna want revenge. My Pick: Georgia

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