The Verdict In The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

By: Grace Pilkay


In August of 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse fatally shot two men and injured another at a protest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. He was chased into a parking lot by an unarmed man that was acting erratically. Rittenhouse shot the unarmed man and two other men as he fled. He was accused of five felony charges, but pleaded not guilty as he explained that the shootings were in self-defense. Society is seeing Rittenhouse’s actions from two opposing sides. One is a heroic act with good intentions, while the others see it as a disappointment. Much of society likes to look at it as another white man getting away with murder, causing anger to rise as he is found not guilty.

After being acquitted of five felony charges, Rittenhouse has turned into a national symbol.. This verdict has quickly created a split in the country as conservatives congratulate his self-defense while liberals see it as a failure of the criminal justice system. This case raises more questions about gun control and open weapons after showing what happens when a normal seventeen-year-old boy has access to a rifle. Watch this clip from Rittenhouse’s trial as he is relieved of all charges:

Rittenhouse trial verdict

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