The Irony Behind The PHS Halloween

By: Brianna Madison


On Friday, October 29, 2021, during 30 in 3rd, Powell High School hosted a Halloween event where students could get a form signed and wear their Halloween costumes to school. While at first, this may seem like a whole lot of fun and a great idea on our school´s part, but there were so many restrictions that it became almost pointless. For starters, we were not allowed to wear masks, face paints, or any type of body paint. They say it was for safety reasons, but do you not see the irony in that? We wear facemasks to school every single day, yet they would not allow us to wear Halloween masks to school for one day? If it is for safety reasons, why do we wear facemasks that will hide our faces just as much as Halloween masks would? If Powell High School is going to have a Halloween event then they should not contradict what we are forced to wear every single day with their restrictions. There are so many restrictions that a lot of people cannot wear their Halloween costumes and at that point, it just isn't fun anymore.

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