Thanksgiving Recipe: Homestyle Street Corn Salad

By: Brianna Madison


In my family, I´m the one who makes this dish because I love it so much. I got the recipe from my friend's step-mom. Depending on how much you want to make is how the recipe is, but for a family sized portion, here is what you should do to make it.

1-2 (29 oz) cans of whole kernel corn

2 containers of feta cheese crumbles

1 full-sized tomato

½ of an onion

½ of a cucumber

Basil leaves



Italian dressing

Get a large-sized bowl and clean off all of your produce items. Open and dump one can of corn into the bowl. Then, dice up your tomato, onion, and cucumber into small bits and then dump them into the bowl. Mix the ingredients. Then, tear up the basil leaves (around 3 leaves should be good) and put them into the mixture. There isn't a specific amount of salt and pepper to dump in, you just put as much as you deem necessary. I typically just put enough to coat it all. If you feel that you need more corn, which I typically do, dump the other can of corn and mix everything together. Then it can sit in the fridge until it is time to take it to your destination and dump the feta cheese crumbles and enough Italian dressing to coat the mixture. Then, enjoy!

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