Stupid And Wacky News

By: Ella Smith

Editor: Grace Pilkay


There have been many stupid, wacky, and weird news stories lately, but this one might just be the weirdest. In South Carolina, a taxidermy and meat processing center found very strange things in a dead Alligator's stomach. A customer brought in a 445- pound alligator after killing it on private land to be sold. The company, Cordrays, said that they don’t usually open up the stomachs of the animals brought in, but this time they did. And they found some bizarre things. They found 5 dog tags, 1 bullet jacket, 1 spark plug, a ton of turtle shells, and multiple bobcat claws.

According to the post on Facebook that the Cordrays owner made, it said that two of them were still legible and one had a phone number that was still active. The staff at the meat company called the number and a man confirmed that two of the dog ID tags belonged to hunting dogs he had a long time ago while leasing the property he had. The other dog tags have yet to be claimed while the bullet jacket and spark plug are still a mystery and have shocked the staff at Cordray’s on how they got into the alligator’s stomach.

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