Spirit Week

By Ann Friend

This week at Powell High School, students will be celebrating our Coming Home basketball game by dressing up on Wednesday through Friday. The Renaissance club will be the ones setting up each day. On Wednesday, students are allowed to come to school in their most comfy pajamas. Many students will enjoy this, as they won’t have to wake up so early to get ready for school. They can just wake up, eat, fix their hair and go to school. On Thursday, students will be able to dress up as their favorite meme/vine. This will be exciting for a majority of the students, as a lot of them have been wishing for there to be a day where they could dress up as their favorite meme. And lastly, on Friday, we celebrate our panther pride by showing up to school wearing black and orange. Students who love showing school pride and participating in school events will definitely participate in this. The majority of Powell High will most likely participate in PJ day and Meme/Vine day, only because students love not having to care about their appearance that day while also getting to sleep in, and they also love memes and getting to laugh and have a fun day.

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