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Song Of The Week: Late Night Talking By Harry Styles

Kadie Bell


Earlier this year, Harry Styles released his latest album, “Harry’s House”, which went viral and is still growing. The song “Late Night Talking” is number four on Billboard 100. It is an upbeat song, influenced by eighties and nineties pop. The song opens with a signature Styles move, starting with trumpets, then carries into guitar, drums, and synths to create that old indie-pop beat. It is about him falling in love, and the first couple of verses are about how he misses her. He says, “It’s only been a couple of days and I miss you”. He also describes how things feel different now that she isn't there. Going into the chorus, he starts by saying how much he wants to make her happier then says “ We’ve been doin’ all this late night talkin’ ‘bout anythin’ you want until the mornin’ ”, now that he knows her, he can’t stop thinking of her. In the second verse, he starts talking about how he doesn't change but, he will do anything or go anywhere for her. Many people enjoy the song, saying that it's an upbeat and happy song and that it's one of their favorite songs in the whole album.


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