Social Media

By Bree Belyea

Every teen doesn’t realize why phones are a problem within the classroom. The texting, tweeting and snapchatting during class time are an incredible distraction, and makes it much more difficult to teach. It’s pretty hard to compete with a YouTube video. You’ll get kids that will say “I’ll look something up for English, and while I’m here let me quickly check my Instagram or twitter feed.” And then it’s, ‘oh, I never realized this girl said that to me,” and now they’re distracted and not really engaged with their lesson plan.

On another note, a study found that nearly half of teens who log at least five hours of screen time a day have thought about or attempted suicide. (According to CDC, suicide rates have skyrocketed 31 percent among teens from 2010 to 2015, particularly among girls, who saw a 65 percent increase in suicides and 58 percent rise in depression rates.) Cell phones also allow students to cheat on tests; either they text the answer or ask for answers which is totally unfair to the other kids. Also, if a cell phone goes off in class it can cause the teacher to stop teaching and have everyone’s attention on the cell phone and not on the lesson plan anymore. In today’s world many people like to cyberbully and just like any other victim of bullying, cyber bullied victims experience anxiety, fear, depression, and low self-esteem. This is why social media is a problem to schools, teens are constantly checking their phones for tweets or snaps during class and it is a incredible distraction.

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