Social Media

By Reagan Kyle

Editor: Breanna Naysmith


Social media has become very popular throughout our current society. Whether it is Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, etc… People of all ages use it. Social media seems to have become very toxic, especially to teenagers. Social media increases the amount of bullying, disrupts sleep, causes peer pressure, gives teens unrealistic views of other people’s lives, increases dissatisfaction with life, and ultimately leads to isolation. Social media limits face-to-face interaction, leading teens to have trouble speaking to others in person making them feel isolated. Many people try to make their lives appear so fun and genuinely happy through the lens of social media, but that’s not realistic of how life is at all. Knowing that when other people view these posts do they become jealous of these fake lives?

Social media is a common source of bullying. It gives people easy access to leave anonymous comments without the consequences because they are behind a screen. Teens will comment on the way others act, dress, and even the way they talk. Teens should not feel pressured to make sure everyone likes them, because it will not happen. There will always be others who don't like you. That is okay. Social media has become a part of teens' everyday lives. You wake up and look at social media and you go to sleep looking at social media. It is bad for everyone's mental health. Teens should be able to do what makes them happy and not have to look for peers’ acceptance.

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