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Should Internet Be Free?

Layla Troyer

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In this world, almost everything revolves around the internet. Socializing, shopping for groceries, getting a ride, and more. It's become a necessity for society to function. So, shouldn't wireless internet be free? Many people may think so, but they're not considering all the effects of this decision. There are many reasons why internet connection should not be free.

Some may think, "Why does it matter? The government will pay for it.". That's true, but, where does the government get its money? Taxes. And who pays taxes? Citizens. Essentially, people will pay for wireless internet either way, whether they pay for it themselves or through their taxes. Plus, the government most likely already has its budget spread across different projects across the country. So, the government would claim that they do not have any money to spare to provide free internet. They would then raise taxes to get the money needed. According to the US Chamber Of Commerce, Chicago, Illinois, is the city with the 6th highest taxes in the country. One main contributor to these lofty taxes is most likely free internet. Chicago is reported to have an estimate of over two and a half thousand free WiFis. This can also be seen in New York, New York. As the 11th highest taxing city, NYC is said to have over twelve thousand free WiFis. It's wise to infer from these numbers that free public internet can cause a significant raise in taxes.

As of 2022, taxes are higher than ever. Many people can barely pay them as is. If taxes were to be heightened anymore with the additional costs of free internet, some families may not be able to pay for living essentials. People may fall into poverty, losing their homes and jobs due to unpaid taxes. Is that worth the free internet connection?

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