School Shootings Are Out Of Hand

By Kaitlin Haynes


On November 30, 2021, the shooting at Oxford High School was one of 222 school shootings in 2021. Students say revenge is the major reason for school shootings. Respondents were asked to rank why school shooters do what they to and the top 5 reasons were They want to get back at the people who have hurt them or made fun of them, They don't value life as important, They have been victims of physical abuse at home, They have mental health problems such as depression, It is easy for them to access a gun. School shooters often tend to be current or former students of the school. Before their attack, there is almost always a very big noticeable change in behavior from a usual student's behavior. The shooter is often inspired by other school shooters, and they also tend to leak their plans for violence in advance to the people they are around the most. The shooters usually get their guns from family members or friends who have failed to store them safely and securely. If school shooters are almost always students of the school, teachers and others in the school who work with them need the training to calmly identify a student in crisis or a student's behavior that changes dramatically and how to report something they see or hear that seems to be like a violent intent. ¨School shootings are not inevitable. They’re preventable, says the Iowa capital dispatch.¨

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