School Shootings

By Pari Patel


On Tuesday, November 30th, a 15-year-old sophomore student at Oxford High School opened fire at his school, killing 4 students and injuring many more. Although this major event occurred over 500 miles away from us, and even further for others, it’s affecting the whole country.

Due to the shooting in Oakland County, many more teens have been getting the idea to follow the same path as Ethan Crumbley, the shooter at Oxford High School. These threats have even made their way into our local communities.

On Monday, December 6th, a shooting threat against Oak Ridge High School had them on a level three lockdown, not far from where we are. They identified 3 students who were involved in the incident. Although they never planned to go through with it, Oak Ridge High School took action. ORPD was at the school all day Monday to ensure the safety of the students and staff. They also returned Tuesday to assure that nothing would happen.

So many students have posted on social media about having a school shooting threat at their schools. Some go on lockdown, some leave school, and some just endure the fear because their schools won’t take the threats seriously. Although not all the threats are serious, they should all be taken seriously because of the number of lives at risk.

Even before the Oxford shooting occurred, there were many school shooting threats reported in October and November this year. As students of a public high school, we have to live in fear of this one day happening to us. In America, it’s common for school shootings to happen. It’s truly sad that such a horrible event has been normalized across the country.

Since nothing is being done about it, no change has been made. Shootings happen for so many different reasons, so it can be difficult to stop one before it happens. I and many others firmly believe that we shouldn’t have to live in fear of one day being hurt in school. Parents shouldn’t have to be scared to send their children to get an education. There has to be a change, to what though? We are all potential victims. What can we even do to stop ourselves and our peers from being hurt?

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