Omicron Virus

Written by: Aiesha Patel


According to CNN, Ireland has reported a new virus called the Omicron Virus. The omicron is a new variant of covid 19. The United States is now making a mandatory Covid test the day before anybody can come into our country. Also, many flights from Southern Africa are now being cancelled due to the virus. This all started in early November when scientists saw several PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests coming out positive. Many of these cases have been found in European countries. These cases have also been found in Australia (2 cases), Israel (4 cases), United States (Only showing in 11 states, 9 cases), Brazil (3 cases), and Hong Kong (4 cases). The types of symptoms you get are a high pulse, muscle aches, scratchy throat, dry cough, and a high temperature. So far, there have been no reported deaths linked to the omicron variant.

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