My Experience Through The First Semester As A Freshman

Written by: Aiesha Patel


There were many things I enjoyed throughout my first semester of high school. The school’s football team won the state championship, which they had never done. Some other activities I got to experience were pep rallies, trick or treating at school, homecoming, and a homecoming parade. During the pep rally, I got to see activities going on on the football field. During trick or treating, all the students in the school had a chance to dress up in an appropriate costume and go around and trick or treat. During homecoming, everyone got to dance to music, socialize, and eat food. During the homecoming parade, everyone goes to stand outside and watch the cheerleaders, football players, the dance team, the band, and homecoming nominees walk and drive by. During that event, they go to throw out candy for all the students to get. Also, I got a piece of paper during the year and I wrote down what I wanted for Christmas. I asked for a gift card, but instead, I got a bag of candy. Even though I didn’t get a gift card, I was still happy I got some candy. Those were some events that have happened so far in my first semester. Now, what did I learn in class?

Some things I learned in my classes were to study for every test which helped a lot with my grades, take any opportunities you have, and make sure to focus on your grades and work. I also learned how to balance my time with the work I get. This year I got many opportunities like getting placed in an Advanced Placement class. Some high schools do not allow students to take an AP class as a freshman, but Powell High School gives you an opportunity to. Another opportunity I got was to do test corrections, so I learned what I did wrong on my test. This was my experience throughout my first semester as a freshman. I can’t wait for my second semester as a freshman.

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