Mr. Robertson, We Didn’t Get To Tell You…

Updated: Aug 23

By The Students Of Powell High School


From your corny Spanish songs to your evil Aldi bag, you always knew the best way to teach your classes. You were a husband, a father, an amazing basketball coach, and a wonderful Spanish teacher. You had so much compassion for your students. When it came to us, the students, and our education, you never gave up on anyone who was struggling and you would push us to be the best versions of ourselves. You not only cared for every student's education, but also their emotions. You demonstrated this at the beginning of every class by asking (in Spanish, of course) how everyone was doing. You came into class every day with a positive attitude and a goal to make everyone’s day better. Your constant energy was one of a kind. You would go as far to get all the students involved by singing and dancing. By the way, you had the best dance moves! You would even push us to go a little out of our comfort zones and we will forever be grateful for that. It helped us meet new friends and become more social. One thing that separated you from other teachers was the joy and passion you had for teaching; we could see in you. You never failed to give all you had to make sure your students could learn while making it fun. You had the biggest heart and the best personality. You taught us so much more than just Spanish. You taught us to be kind to others, and if there was any negativity you wanted to know whether we were “lifting someone up or bringing someone down.” You touched many students' hearts and prepared us for the future, including our trips to a Spanish-speaking country we were planning for your class. Unfortunately, that trip with you will not happen; however, because of the impact you had on each of our lives you will be with us on a longer and much more important journey... the journey through life.

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