Movie Review For “Nope”

Jenna Marlow


The movie “Nope” (2022), directed by Jordan Peele, has a 2.8-star rating on its google summary. Before I go into why I disagree with the rating, let's dive into what the movie is about. Two siblings who run the first black-owned horse ranch in the Hollywood hills notice an eerie feeling in the sky above them. The siblings decide they are going to capture the phenomenon to gain funds to keep the legacy of the ranch alive. However, when they start investigating the odd occurrences, wild things start happening. The movie comes alive with the cinematography and added ambiance of Jordan Peele’s signature twist; which can be seen in his most iconic movie “Get Out”. While watching the movie in a theater you get the full effect of the anxiety and fear the characters are experiencing. In a scene with a younger version of the character Ricky, the emotions and anxiety were executed so seamlessly there were tears brought to my eyes because of how real it felt. This is why I think the movie deserves more than 2.8 stars. It is so well done you feel immersed as if you were the main character.

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