Most Unhealthy Fast Food

By: Nick Estes

Edited by: Aiesha Patel


Nowadays, it is very easy to just go and get fast food for dinner, but this is not the best option for you. Most fast food is very unhealthy and has loads of fat and grease. Believe it or not, Wendy's is the most unhealthy fast food restaurant due to their menus being full of fat, followed by Sonic. Just one of the Sonic meals is over 2,000 calories. The average male is recommended to eat up to 2,500 calories per day and women to eat 2,000 per day. People eat fast food because it is easy to get a hold of and it tastes good, but are you doing more harm than good? According to statistics, 72.4% of obesity is caused by fast food. Therefore, fast foods like Wendy's and Sonic are not good for you and you should try to avoid constantly eating them.

I took a look at the number one item on the menu of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Sonic and how many calories each had McDonalds number one item on their menu was the Big Mac this meal includes the burger, fries, and a drink of your choice this meal has 565-1100 calories. Next is Wendy's the number one on their menu was the Daves single. This meal includes the burger, fries, and a drink the calories can range from 534-1124 which can be over ½ of the preferred calorie intake for a male. The number one item on the Taco Bell menu is the number 3 taco supreme combo. This includes 3 tacos (hard or soft) and a drink. With this meal, you will consume up to 990 calories. And finally, Sonic’s number one item on their menu was the Sonic cheeseburger combo. This meal has the burger, a side, and a drink and can range from 970-3320 if you add everything. As the man says, “Make good choices.”

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