McDonald’s Mobile Order

By: Ashlyn Steffey


Recently, my friend and I placed mobile orders at McDonald’s and I volunteered to pick it up. When I got there, they asked for the order code. I told them the code of my order, along with the code for my friend’s order. They then informed me that they couldn’t give me my friend’s order because the phone that had placed the order had to be physically present at McDonald’s where the order was placed. After a back and forth conversation with the employee, they explained that the phone syncs up to their computers and they can't see the order until the actual phone is at the facility. My friend called and complained as well, but I wasn’t able to pick up the order. Uh, hey McDonald’s are you kidding me?? Isn’t the whole point of placing a mobile order to have the order ready and waiting?? It’s about speed, convenience, efficiency, and making the customer experience less stressful. This is never a problem when going to Chick fil a, Wendys, Starbucks, or pretty much any other food place that has a drive through. Do better McDonald’s!

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