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Local Fall Activities In Knoxville

Jaymeson Clark


It's about that time of year; when you get to drink some apple cider and eat pumpkin

pie. Here in East Tennessee, we have many local festivities. One is the Great Pumpkin Luminights, located in Sevierville, at the best roller coaster place in Tennessee; Dollywood. Another Event is Oakes Farm, located in Corryton, Tennessee. They have all sorts of activities, such as foods, drinks, hayrides, pumpkin launches, pumpkin picking and kiddie section activities. As an alternative, many people decide to go to U.T Football games instead of doing Fall activities. Some waterparks do cool events. For example, The Wilderness at The Smokies has a festival called Spooky and Spirited Halloween. On Saturday, September 24, 2022, the fan-favorite haunted house here in Powell, Tennessee named FrightWorks Haunted House opened for everybody to enjoy. There are also other Fall and Halloween events, such as Frightworks, other haunted houses, Dead Man's haunted corn maze farm, and Screamville haunted corn maze. Lots of churches set up carnivals and fundraiser events. People also choose to do parties at their jobs and homes and invite all sorts of people including family, coworkers, friends and more. No matter how it's celebrated, Fall is an amazing time of year that we all should be grateful for.


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