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It Ends with Us: Book Overview

Savannah Kerns


The novel It Ends with Us is a story about Lily Bloom and her doomed romance with a man named Ryle Kincaid. It involves her past of growing up in an abusive household, her fall into an abusive relationship, and her escape from the relationship. Lily is a young college graduate living in an apartment in Boston. One night she was clearing her head about her father's funeral on the rooftop of the apartment when there he was, Ryle Kincaid, a resident surgeon. From the start, they both had great chemistry, but their goals in relationships were completely different. Ryle wanted a casual one-night stand, while Lily wanted a serious relationship. They meet again 6 months later when Lily hires a woman named Alyssa to work at her floral shop. They begin to grow closer, and Ryle decides to explore the relationship with Lily. Lily finds herself revisiting her past and finding closure in the death of her father and how he was abusive toward her mother. Growing up, Lily used to write in journals about a guy named Atlas Corrigan; he was 18 years old and homeless. Lily grew up helping him by giving him food and letting him use her shower; he helped her by being there for her when her dad was being abusive to her mother. Maybe Lily is seeking closure from more than just her father; maybe she is also seeking closure from Atlas. Lily and Ryle become closer, and their romance blossoms; Alyssa and Lily become best friends, and her flower shop is really taking off. One night they all went out to eat, and she ran into Atlas; he's the manager of the restaurant, and they haven't seen each other in 9 years. She tells herself that this is the closure she was looking for, especially since she is now with Ryle. However, Lily and Ryles' happiness is coming to an end when Ryle lashes out at Atlas, hurting Lily. Ryle is then very apologetic, and Lily allows him to comfort her. Ryle swears he's not like her father. Lily threatens to leave him if it happens again. After the incident, Ryle seems to be improving, until one night he brings up the past about Atlas and Lily and starts threatening and hurting her when she tries to defend herself. Lily calls Atlas and leaves to go to the hospital to find out she is pregnant. Lily stays with Atlas for a few days when she finds out that Ryle is leaving for England for three months. Atlas confesses his feelings for Lily and says that he did wait for her after his tour and that he understands that she is busy, but hopefully one day they can further their relationship. Lily is too paranoid to tell anyone about the baby, and Alyssa feels as if something is off between Ryle and Lily. She confronts Lily, and Lily explains the abuse she is going through and the pregnancy, as well as how, as a child, her mom went through the same experience. Alyssa and Lily's mom both told her to leave him. Ryle begs for Lily's forgiveness; she lets him participate as a father through the rest of her pregnancy, and she refuses to make a final decision till her baby is born. Once she found out it was a girl, she made the choice to divorce Ryle to end the abuse in her life. Eleven months later, she runs into Atlas and indicates she is ready to have a relationship with him.

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