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Is "The Nightmare Before Christmas” A Christmas Movie Or A Halloween Movie?

Mackenzie Ault


The general public is divided on whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas or a Halloween film. Everyone has different opinions, but I think it is a Halloween movie. The Nightmare Before Christmas features mostly Halloween characters with a Christmas storyline. In a film, your characters are the most significant part of the movie, which makes this lean more toward Halloween. Yes, The Nightmare Before Christmas does feature some Christmas characters, with a chunk of the film being in the Christmas world, but does it revolve around Christmas? The movie's plot revolves around Jack trying to steal Christmas and, in essence, combine the holidays. This gives it the feel of a Halloween film with its darker nature. The music most continually played is spooky and eerie, which is associated with Halloween, and most of the scenery is intended to look torn and gray, contributing to the overall scary feel. This makes it feel as if it is supposed to be a Halloween movie rather than a Christmas movie. Some will argue that it is both, and that would be reasonable, but personally, I feel it is a Halloween movie.

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