Frozen On Loop

Rebekah Dunlap


Frozen came out in 2013; since then, it has been watched on repeat by many families and their kids. Recently, there was a D23 expo, and Kristen Bell, the voice of Anna, appeared and gave a speech. In her speech, she hilariously apologized to all of the parents whose kids have forced them to watch and listen to Frozen on repeat ever since it came out. She apologized, saying that she is also one of those parents, and that she is in the same boat as all of them. She also said that playing Princess Anna has been one of the best parts of her life, besides her kids and other personal things. She has also teased that Frozen 3 might come in the future and that the whole cast is open to it. Frozen 2 made more money than Frozen did. Even though people think the original Frozen is better, Frozen 2 had a better opening weekend. Disney also came out with a documentary about making Frozen 2 and how much stress making the story caused. Frozen 2 got nominated for best original song, but it lost to Rocketman’s “I’m Gonna (Love Me Again)”. Many fans were surprised, but the Frozen fans still celebrated and let it go.

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