From A Former PHS Student

By: Dillion Loope

Edited by: Layla Troyer


It's once again that time of year. Those days when I can't get up in the morning because it's too cold. I can’t believe it's almost been a year since I graduated. College has been.. something different, to say the least. Nowadays, I only have to hear gripey teachers for a little over an hour instead of eight. It isn't all sunshine and rainbows, though. Working for a living is a bit more difficult than dumb, younger, high school me thought it would be. When I'm not working, it's school, and when I'm not in school I'm at work. Life after high school is definitely different.

If there's one piece of advice I can give to someone balancing work and school, it’s that you should always know when you are over your limit. Ease your time commitment. Remember, school matters most. Not just because you need to learn - it’s also because an education can get you out of a crappy place you might currently be working. Let's just hope my job doesn't fire me after that statement.

To the students who might wonder why all these years in school matter.. I will tell you, even now, sometimes it feels like high school was useless. (Other than the memories I made when I wasn't doing school work.) Yet, getting good grades in high school is really important. If the government will pay you a good sum of money to get the education you need, then so be it. High school matters because once you are out and searching for what to do next, McDonald's should not be your final destination.

So here’s my tip for you; make plans and dream big, because those dreams will motivate and take you farther than some diploma ever will.

To all the early graduates, with all your hopes and dreams, please make it through this next year. I wish you luck with this new life you’re about to start. You'd be amazed with the lack of options that are out here in the real world without having a high school degree. Do not give up.

To the current underclassmen; high school isn't so bad. It may seem that way, but it’s really not so. Your teachers genuinely love you and wish the best for you. They are not “out to get you.” More often, teachers that seem cruel are just tired of so many students being apathetic about school. Some teachers might hold something you have done or said against you. So? If you did or said something you shouldn’t have, YOU are responsible for making it right. There are other teachers who have some interesting ways of teaching you a lesson. For example, never leave your filthy trash on the floor for Mr. Davis to pick up. (You can ask him about that later.)

Finally to you the reader, you matter. Your dreams matter. If you feel you’re stuck doing something you don't want to do, work away from it. If you're already working towards what you want to do, keep reaching for it. If you don't currently know what you want to do, find something you enjoy, and pursue it.

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