FrightWorks: Is It Worth It?

By: Aiesha & Pari Patel

Editor: Breanna Naysmith


FrightWorks is a haunted house located at 1904 West Emory Road, just down the street from our school. If you go to their website,, you can see that they are open every Friday and Saturday, as well as some other dates in October. There are many places that FrightWorks travels to around Knox County (Powell, Sevierville, Lenior city, etc.) and all of East Tennessee. We went to the Powell location, trying to see if this haunted house really lived up to its name.

Before going to FrightWorks, we took a look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of their website. “Fear is a relative thing. We make our best effort to get everybody but we also try to make sure that if you don’t get scared you will still have fun. Some advice: If you come into a haunted attraction determined not to get scared, you probably won’t. Relax and enjoy the show.” This was their answer to the FAQ question, “Is it scary?¨. We agree that fear and fun are different things, but we hoped to experience both.

We went to Frightworks on Thursday, October 28th.A standard ticket for one person is $25 dollars. We would say that the experience was not worth the entire $25 because it was not very long and there were no other activities to do other than the house. The line isn't long if you arrive before 7:00 PM, which is when they open. They let people in every time the buzzer goes off, and while you are in line there are people that entertain and scare you. Upon walking in, there is a man who explains the story behind the haunted house. He then leads you to the vault, which is where the haunting really begins. Once you go into the vault, the man tells you a story then lets you off to go discover the vault. The whole experience was about 10-15 minutes long. On a scare scale of 1 to 10, the scary factor was a 7. It was definitely scary at the time, but it didn’t spook us enough to be terrified. On a fun scale of 1 to 10, the fun factor was most definitely a 10. It was scary enough for us to have lots of fun, but not too scary. We would definitely recommend going to the FrightWorks Haunted House, and most definitely to come with a large group of friends.

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Photo Credit and FrightWorks Website

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