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E-Hall Passes

Giselle Cruz Cardoza


These new "E-Hall passes" which were recently introduced here at PHS, have sparked a lot of discussions. Some people—mostly teachers—agree that this can help students stay in class, but many others think it's a waste of time. People first went into a panic when they heard that the county or school would invade their privacy by monitoring them. When we were exposed to it, all of this was shown to be nonsense. I believe it is essentially the same as what we had before, just electronically. We have the option to either take your phone or your Chromebook however, some teachers only allow you to take your Chromebook. I agree with many other students that taking your Chromebook in the bathroom is a little weird, and we should have somewhere to at least set it down, like a desk. The app is quite simple to use; all you have to do is click where you want to go and wait for your teacher to approve. There's a limited amount of students allowed out in the hallway so you have to wait until their back in their classroom. In addition. You are given a ten-minute pass, which I think is more than enough time for the restroom. The reviews on this app, are extremely low but we can infer that the students who submitted these reviews were those whose schools had made them use E-hall passes.

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