Diversity At Powell High School

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

By: Ella Smith

Editor: Grace Pilkay


Here at Powell High, students come from all different types of backgrounds. Diversity can

always have a big impact on schools because of how many backgrounds there are. Different

sexual orientations, ethnicity, religions, and the socioeconomic status makeup of Powell High

makes it the very best it can be. Powell High is very different from other schools because of how

much diversity is in the school and in the Powell community itself. Here at Powell, diversity is a

strong suit. We have 24 Asian students, 186 African American students, 1,203 White students, 14 Native American students, and 1 Pacific Islander student. In total, we have 1,428 students.

Having this many students and this much diversity can make a very big difference here at

Powell. Even though there are so many different ethnicities, everyone gets along, for the most

part. Students here at Powell also really love how diverse the student body is. Sophomore

Makhira Ralston says, “I think that the diversity here at Powell is great. It shows that everyone,

no matter who they are or where they come from, can bond and get along with everyone else.” Powell is not only diverse when it comes to the classrooms, it’s also very diverse in sports and extracurricular activities as well. Football, soccer, basketball, golf, track, cross country, tennis, cheer leading, band, and in-school clubs are all very diverse and make each team and club the best it can be. Every year Powell High will get more and more diverse as the students come and go and make Powell “Knoxville’s Best”.

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