Dia De los Muertos/ Day of The Dead

Updated: Sep 6

Miguel Mendez


El Día de Los Muertos is a Mexican tradition. It is a holiday to remember the dead. It's mostly to remember idols, family, and friends that have passed on. Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated on October 31 through November 6. The tradition consists of making home alters, Ofrendas (Offerings) and using Calaveras (skulls) to honor and respect them. They are basically gifts for the ones who have passed. Dia de Los Muertos may sound very sad, but instead of mourning, people celebrate. It is a very joyful holiday. Dia de Los Muertos is not only for the dead, but also to spend time and value others such as family and friends. People give each other gifts, such as Sugar Skulls and Pan de Muerto/Bread of The dead. During Dia de Los Muertos, people use aztec flowers called cempazuchitl to make a path for the dead. It is believed that the path guides your friends and relatives from the land of the dead.

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