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Criminal Violence In Mexico

Giselle Cruz Cardoza


Mexico is a beautiful country, but what many people don't know, it has some dark places where your life can be at risk. As of 2006, over 150,000 deaths have been reported, and this number keeps growing as the violence does too. It all began around the 1980s when Mexican drug traffickers and crime groups organized and began controlling regions for trafficking routes. Because of this, disputes over the territory made violence that effects Mexican citizens' lives. Former President Felipe Calderon wanted to end this with military force, but the president after him, Enrique Pena, decided to improve law enforcement and support public safety. Enrique is a corrupt government leader who is being investigated for being involved with powerful cartel leaders by moving millions of dollars. There have been a lot of documentaries about cartel leaders, such as "El Chapo," a well-known criminal that is currently detained in the U.S., where President Enrique is involved in all of this corrupt mess. Mexican families flee their home country for a safer life for their children, knowing that if they live in the wrong areas of Mexico, their families can be threatened. It's really sad knowing that in some places, such as Juarez, going outside at night is not an option because you can be kidnapped and never heard of again. Personally, my family has friends and other family members whose lives have been lost because of this inhumane conflict.

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