COVID-19 And Vaccination Mandates

By: Cecilia Stewart

Editor: Grace Pilkay


Do you agree with the Covid “mandates” we have today?

In the new world we live in there are masks and vaccinations everywhere. In most places business-like or a part of the government they have mask mandates. Why is that? It’s already been proven that the mask DON'T work. It has been proven by many doctors, researchers, and scientists that none of the things we need to do to “save” people work. Therefore, the other scientists, who are scared, should just tell us the truth and stop saying that wearing masks is safe. Wearing a regular paper or cloth mask is basically useless. News media states that kids need to have a mask to wear all over the country even though it’s not working. Yes, kids don’t have to wear masks in school now, but as soon as you sniffle, sneeze, or cough people are giving you a look as if you need to wear a mask.

Almost a year later the COVID vaccine has been “fully” produced and finally approved by the FDA. Scientists who are in favor of the vaccines are saying it's completely safe and kills the virus without you having to wear a mask. Personally, I think scientists should keep doing tests so that they can find the long-term effects (if there are any) and make the vaccines better but not harmful.

Doctors have provided facts and evidence that even people who get the vaccine or stay at home and quarantine still die from COVID. But how can that be? They got the vaccine, didn't they? Severe side effects have included joint pain, fever, fatigue, and muscle pain that require hospitalization.

The evidence is stated here:

Yet after hearing how bad it is, now you have to get the vaccine to go almost anywhere.

This is taking away our rights and freedoms. Yes, we get to choose whether or not we get the vaccine, but there are certain places within our country that are considering not allowing entrance or service to individuals who can’t produce a card showing they were vaccinated!. How can that be legal?

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