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Colleen Hoover

Savannah Kerns


Colleen Hoover grew up in Sulphur Springs, Texas. She loved writing from a young age and always scribbled words on paper with her sister. Colleen married her high school sweetheart at 20 years old and had all 3 of her children before age 26. She started pursuing social work and put her real dream on hold. Years later, she knew she wanted to write. She picked up a pen one day and wrote her first book, “Slammed”. The novel got noticed by many bloggers and reviewers and became the New York Times bestseller. What makes her books so special to read? I asked a few people from Powell High School their opinions on Colleen Hoover. Here are their responses:

“I enjoy her because she goes into detail and her stories are very interesting. If I had to choose, my favorite would be Confess”.

“When I read her books, I never want to put them down. Her books made me enjoy reading again. My favorite book is Ugly Love."

“These books are very detailed and are just good, It Starts with Us is my favorite.”

Lots of fans that read her books always say the books are saddening, heartwarming, and can touch the heart. Colleen Hoover, just this year, sold 20 million books. She wrote a book called It Ends with Us, released in 2016, which is a fan favorite. People enjoyed it so much that she made a sequel that continues the love, abuse, and challenges that Lily, Atlas, and Ryle all went through in the book. Some of her books convey important messages. For example, It Ends with Us gives reveals a strong message about someone who can feel torn between domestic violence and someone they took a vow to and their well-being. She wrote the book It Starts with Us to continue a more happy ending for Lily and to make the fans happy. It dropped on Oct 18, 2022, and 2.5 million copies have already sold. Her TikTok fame helped her popularity grow, people were making TikToks about her books encouraging people to read her books. Now she is all over the hashtag #Booktok, where fans make book review videos and people comment their opinions and thoughts on the book. She is always a great read whenever you need a good book. She inspires so many people every day. So if you’re looking for a good book to read, open up anything from Colleen Hoover.

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