Astroworld Tragedy

By: Savannah Young

Edited By: Aiesha Patel


Artists Travis Scott and Drake are currently in the process of being sued due to eight people, ages 14-27 years old, being killed on Friday, November 5th. Twenty-five people were hospitalized and three hundred were being treated at the scene for minor injuries. There were 50,000 people in the audience for the show. When they began to perform, the audience was packed together and were barely able to move at all. Drake is being accused of contributing to causing the surge towards the stage. They still performed as the crowd began to get out of control and yell out in fear, rather than excitement. Many witnesses at the concert described the festival as “traumatizing” and they were “unable to breathe.” A list of those who passed at this concert is as follows: Brianna Rodriguez (age 16), Danish Baig (age 27), Rudy Pena (age 23), Axel Acosta (age 21), Franco Patino (age 21), Jacob Jurinek (age 20), John Hilbert (age 14).

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