Afghan Refugees In America

By: Logan Antio

Editor: Grace Pilkay


Since the evacuations of Afghanistan, the Biden administration notified governors and refugee coordinators of the number of Refugees that they will resettle among the first group of 37,000 evacuees. Texas and California are slated to receive more arrivals than any other state; Texas with 4.5k and California with 5.3k. Some states that are not going to resettle refugees include West Virginia, Wyoming, South Dakota, Hawaii, and the District of Colombia. States projected to resettle over 1,000 refugees include New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, Arizona, Florida, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Washington.

Afghans being resettled was delayed due to confirmed measles cases within the refugees who arrived in the United States. Because of this, problems within Fort McCoy military base in Wisconsin have occurred. These problems include not having clothes to change into and not having enough food. Although these problems are being resolved, Fort McCoy is still looking for donations.

Many states are preparing for the first wave of Afghan refugees. Most Afghans will be resettled in early October, although some will be earlier.

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