24th Anniversary Of Google

By Pari Patel

Editor: Breanna Naysmith


Google went live online 24 years ago, on September 15. When it was first released, it only seemed like a big deal to the creators and people who worked so hard to launch it. Now, if someone today were to not know what Google was, it would be one of the biggest shocks ever. Using Google has become a necessary tool in our lives. Google is always there, Google always knows. Google is a noun that means 10100. They named this super search engine Google because when you search for something, you get lots of helpful information and links to more information. About a year after the launch date, the company filed to become an incorporated company. This would be a big milestone for the company. As time went on for Google, it became more and more popular, but not just as a search engine. They started making their own “apps”. Some examples are Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. They’re so easy to use that they just kept bringing Google up and up. Now we use Google to search and create. I can say from experience that Google is a lifesaver to me and everyone I know. I and many others would be lost without the help of Google, so I am glad to celebrate and talk about my favorite search engine, Google.

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