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Spotify Wrapped: 2022

Layla Troyer


Spotify Wrapped is an individualized slideshow and playlist showcasing a listener’s top artists, top genres, top songs, and other data points collected from January 1st through October 31st. Every December 1st, a new Spotify Wrapped is released, and music listeners like myself get excited to see our results.

First, Spotify tells the user about their genres over 2022.

I listened to 61 different genres.

My top genres were:

  1. Indie Pop

  2. Rock

  3. New Wave Pop

  4. CCM

  5. Pop

Then, Spotify describes what type of music you listened to at different times of the day using 3 adjectives.

In the morning, I listened to “Eerie, Rebellious, Fancy” music.

During the day, I listened to “Lovecore, Nervous, Silly” music.

At night, I listened to “Profound, Positive, Powerful” music.

In the next section, they tell the listener the numbers/percentages type of data, which includes a lot.

The total amount of time that I listened to Spotify was 59, 247 minutes, which is more than 94% of other listeners in the United States.

My top song was Pyjama Pants by Cavetown, and I played it 442 times with the most listens on Feb. 9th.

I played 1,854 songs this year.

My top songs were:

  1. Pyjama Pants by Cavetown

  2. Intermission by Cavetown

  3. Alien Blues by Vundabar

  4. Choice by Jack Stauber

  5. Opposite Sides by Manchester Orchestra

Spotify then gives you the option to save a playlist to your library that has your top 100 songs.

Next, Spotify tells you about your top artists.

I listened to 1,064 artists this year, and my top artist was Cavetown.

I spent 13,750 minutes listening to songs by Cavetown. I was in the top 0.05% of his listeners.

My top artists were:

  1. Cavetown

  2. Jack Stauber

  3. Vundabar

  4. Arctic Monkeys

  5. Ramones

After that, Spotify shows you something really interesting; your “music personality type”. Basically, Spotify invented its own music personality test, which is pretty impressive.

My personality type was “The Nomad”. The description of this personality was, “You’re a sonic explorer who listens far and wide, but once you find a song or artist you love, they’re with you always. Kind of like a musical souvenir.” The letters for this personality are “ENLU”, which stands for Exploration, Newness, Loyalty, and Uniqueness.

Last, you’re shown a compact, 1-page version of their Spotify Wrapped that they can share with their friends and family. You have multiple designs of the page to choose from.

Overall, this year’s Spotify Wrapped was very innovative and impressive. The graphics and new features were especially amazing. I can’t wait to see how they top this next year- they’ve set the bar pretty high.

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