My Thanksgiving Family Tradition

Brooke Hammond


As my family gathers around the table with plates full of various foods, everyone bows their head to say "grace." My father defines grace as "a thankful prayer" in which we thank God for everything we're about to eat as well as for bringing us all together. After grace is said, everyone mutters amen and dives into the food on their plates. Every year, we gather together to enjoy each other’s company and devour some delicious food. Thanksgiving is a day when we reconnect as a family. All the "family drama" gets put on hold. My house on Thanksgiving is always crammed-packed; I have a huge family, so we barely fit. One year we might congregate at my mamaw's house, and another year we may meet up at Aunt DD’s. The location may change, but the Thanksgiving meal never does; it always consists of turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole. We eat dressing that is prepared with cornbread instead of white bread because my family is from the South. My southern family always has banana pudding as a dessert. After we are all full and everyone leaves, my mom turns the TV on Thanksgiving movies which are usually on Hallmark, and we start setting up our Christmas tree and all the decorations. We have done this since I was little, and I hope to carry on the tradition one day with my own family.

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