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Homemade Cake Pops

Emma Wilkinson


Homemade cake pops are easy to make and the perfect bite-sized party treats for any occasion. They can be flavored and decorated in a bunch of different ways that best fit your taste. These sweet treats are usually a blend of plain sponge and a complementary frosting flavor, such as chocolate and vanilla. Once chilled and rolled they are usually covered in chocolate. So, if you have tons of leftover cake, cake pops are the perfect dessert to make. Once you have mixed the sponge and the frosting to make a soft yet firm consistency, it gets rolled into bite-sized balls and dipped into melted chocolate. Save yourself a trip and make these at home.


  • White Cake Mix – Use any kind of boxed cake mix for convenience. Just bake according to package instructions and let it cool completely. You can also use any leftover cake here – even if it has frosting inside!

  • Vanilla Frosting – To moisten the cake. Any kind of frosting works.


  • White Almond Bark – You can also use candy melts or melting wafers like Ghirardelli. I’ve also tried chocolate bars for melting, and they worked beautifully.

  • Vegetable Oil – It’ll give the melted chocolate a glossy finish.

  • Red Food Coloring – Using red gives the chocolate a pastel pink hue. It doesn’t have to be red, though. Use whatever color you like. Just be sure to use gel food coloring!

  • Sprinkles – For the perfect finishing touch.


1. Make and bake the cake.

I highly recommend using a box cake mix for cake pops. After all, there’s no need to spend hours making the perfect cake only to crush it up in the end! In this case, you’ll bake a white cake according to the package instructions and allow it to cool.

2. Crumble the cake and mix in the frosting.

This is where the fun part begins. Use your hands to crumble the cake until it looks like breadcrumbs.

I suggest trimming the hard edges first if you’re using an overbaked, slightly dry cake.

Add in the frosting and mix to combine. You’ll want to do so gradually to keep from accidentally adding too much.

You need just enough so that the cake is moist and rollable. Too much, and it will be a sticky, soft mess.

3. Form the cake mix into balls.

I like to use a mini ice cream or cookie scoop for this, but you can just use your hands if you prefer.

Either way, you’ll want the balls to be bite-sized or about 1 inch in diameter.

This is easier if you allow the mixture to chill first. Just cover the bowl and pop it in the fridge for an hour or so until the frosting has set a little.

Once scooped and shaped, freeze the balls for at least an hour. This part is very crucial!

The cake truffles will fall apart if they’re not cold enough.

4. Dip the end of the sticks in chocolate and attach the cake pops.

This is another crucial step. If you don’t add a little chocolate to the end of the popsicle stick, the cake pop won’t stay in place when you dip the whole thing in chocolate.

Once the sticks are attached, let them chill again for about 10 minutes so the chocolate sets.

5. Dunk the balls in melted chocolate.

Ensure the chocolate is smooth and silky. I like to use a glass so you can easily submerge the cake truffle.

Of course, a bowl will work too.

Just so slow, and be sure to cover the whole thing. If you leave some of the cake truffle uncovered, it will dry out.

Try to tap off any excess chocolate, so it doesn’t run down to stick.

Decorate with sprinkles, if desired.

6. Let the cake pops cool upright.

Poke the sticks into styrofoam or a cardboard box and let the chocolate coating set.


Store these cake pops in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.

However, these are best enjoyed at room temperature, so if you plan to make them ahead, just be sure to get them out of the fridge about an hour before serving.


Place either the cake pops in a freezer-safe container and freeze for up to 2 months.

Keep in mind that uncoated cake pops will hold better. The chocolate may tarnish in the freezer, so it’s best to only freeze uncoated cake truffles.

Let them thaw completely at room temperature for about 30 minutes and enjoy.


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