A Hot Dog For A Straw

Rebekah Dunlap


Sports games are goldmines for lots of things. Proposals, crazy mascots, pride, shame, and sometimes crazy inventions that go viral. This time, it was at a baseball game. At the Yankees VS. Mets game, a man was seen biting the ends of a hotdog, putting a straw into it, and then putting the hotdog straw into his beer. A video of this strange recipe instantly got tons of views and the people of Twitter were divided about the invention. Some people were calling him a hero, saying this is the best invention since Ben Franklin’s electricity with the kite. While on the other hand, some were saying he should be in jail. This is not the first strange food invention at a baseball game, though, because in 2018, a woman named Alexa Greenfield shocked the world with her unusual creation. She dipped her chicken fingers into her soda. She instantly went viral and later used her success to make a soda-flavored dipping sauce. Now, will the hotdog straw go viral? Some people could try it themselves, and like it or not, they can say they tried it. Maybe it is good, and hotdog man is right. Some people do like it, others don’t. It’s just how taste buds work. People are all different, and some people are more innovative than others. Well, you should go try his recipe! Can’t hurt to try!

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