Zodiacs Breakdown

By Bailey Cabe

If you have heard of zodiacs you have heard of the vast and confusing terms that comes with it. You come to learn about your star sign and you get ruling planets, sun and moon, things that cause you to fall down a spiral of planets and stars. What do they have to do with your star sign? Do you have to know them to understand your zodiac? The answers to those questions are rather simple yet confusing so let me break them down for you.

Ruling Planets and their roles in the zodiacs. Planets play a big role in the zodiacs in terms of determining a signs characteristics and qualities. They rule over different parts of our lives each planet bringing something completely different from the others. As explained by the Astro Library, “ Each Planet symbolizes a different component of life, a different type of energy.” Each planet affects the zodiacs and depending on their rotation around the sun could affect different parts of your life. For example, Mercury, Mars and Venus move fast resulting in them affecting your everyday life and mood. While planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto move at a much slower pace resulting in bigger trends in your life to the point they affect generations. As a result of their slow pace some of them cycle through the zodiac every fifteen years.

The Sun and Moon. The sun as we all know plays a major part in life. The sunlight makes plants grow which provide us with food and oxygen. The moon is a planet we see every night that causes the tides and animals to freak out whenever it’s full. Though they also play major roles in your zodiacs as well. The sun dictates your personality while the moon represents your mood and emotions. You can determine your sun through the day and month of your birth. The moon is a bit trickier as it rotates through the zodiacs quickly, only staying at one zodiac for two days. As a result of this you have to calculate your time of birth to get an accurate reading on your moon sign.

Well there you have it. Hopefully you can get a sort of understanding to better help you read your zodiac sign. I know it is not a full breakdown but hopefully you can semi understand it.

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