Youtuber Under Police Investigation for Animal Abuse.

By: Mariah Cruz

About 4 weeks ago well known Youtuber Brooke Hout posted an unedited video on her channel. The video was titled “Plastic Wrap Prank on my Doberman”. The first time she posted the video it showed clips of her punching, spitting , and shoving her dog. After a few hours of the video being posted, Hout deleted it before reposting it without the clips. Fans already were quick to expose the clips and attacking Hout on social media. As the footage spread the LAPD’s Animal Cruelty Task Force began investigating, yet they aren’t allowed to comment whether Hout is cooperating or anything else regarding the case. They did come out and say, “ We are aware of the incident. We’ve had numerous complaints about the video and are looking into the matter.” As of right now, Hout still has her Doberman. She has addressed many times that she isn’t an animal abuser, but obviously her actions speak otherwise. She tweeted a screenshot of a letter she wrote in her notes saying how she wasn't in her best mood the day she was filming. Which in my opinion doesn’t give her an excuse to beat on her dog.

Just because I’m in a bad mood doesn’t mean I hit and yell at my cats. Either her dog needs to be taken from her or her channel needs to be taken down.

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