Yoo-hoos are Trash

By Meg Owens

In the year of 1926, the WORST drink known to man was introduced: the Yoo-hoo.

As a child, I loved this drink. Chocolate milk always used to be my favorite. Yet, something about this drink was drastically different than any other chocolate milk I had tasted. The peculiar taste of chocolate grew old as I did, and I eventually stopped pestering my mom to purchase them.

Today however, the ninth of November, I figured it out. I figured out why the chocolate milk taste was so different. If you’d notice on the label, it reads “chocolate drink”......ChOcOlAtE dRiNk. Not chocolate milk! Do you wanna know what’s in the container since it’s not milk??? IT’S FREAKING WATER. CHOCOLATE WATER. ChOcOlAtE wAtEr. What kind of witchcraft (not actually, check out my wicca articles if you want to learn about witchcraft). But YEA I feel lied too. I’ve been scammed, cheated, and over all disrespected. Whoever’s ‘genius’ idea it was to replace milk with water was a fool. Not that I was planning on it anyway, but now I will never purchase these drinks again. We have strayed further and further from God’s light every day since the introduction of these sinful drinks. Next time someone thinks of offering me one, I might as well spit in their eye. Count me out.

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