Why so Stupid?

By Austin Durkin

Have you ever scrolled through the internet wanting to know more about what’s going on in the world or just to innocently read funny and interesting articles? Have you ever come across an article and you wanted it to give you a face value guarantee? This is why I am tired of the “fake” news or “rumor” news that encompasses so much of our internet and press today. It’s both enraging and scary to think that any article we read could be completely falsified and everyone will easily believe the counterfeit. The saddest part is that it’s not just the weird and badly typed articles that trick some people, but it is also the large news networks with articles that talk about life or death situations and millions of people believe them. This is starting to create a ‘cried wolf’ stigma where no one can trust a single ‘fact’ that news outlets put out these days because it often is untruthful, rushed, or prominently biased.

Hundreds of fake news articles about celebrities and cake recipes are the reason that articles about the missing boy or the shootings going on around us are being shut out and put on hold. There is an unethical wall that blocks the real, and needed, news from the public where it can easily be found and used for real knowledge. With how fast paced life is today, is there really time for clickbait and lies? Instead we could find better things to do with our time than make money off of the confusion and distrust of others. We could report just facts and only information that is productive, useful, and a good read for a user. This is my rant. I hope this either enlightens you or offends you.

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