Why Scrunchies are Back

By Katherine Sweat

Scrunchies, colorful, trendy hair ties, are a fashion trend that first appeared in the late 80s. Soon after Ronnie Revson gave the hair accessory it’s own iconic name, it could be found on the wrist every “cool and trendy” teenage girl. Scrunchies could be seen on the TV screens of many households in popular shows such as Full House and Friends reruns. They were worn by well known celebrities like Madonna and Debbie Gibson.

Scrunchies were everywhere; they were “the thing,” the accessory that gave school girls everywhere a feeling of confidence. Eventually, however, like all fashion trends, scrunchies faded and were only a memory in the old yearbook pictures of big hair and bright, blue eyeshadow.

In today’s world, however, scrunchies are coming back into the trend status. The hair accessory can be found, again, on the wrist of most teenage girls. This is because celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin, the role models for many young girls, are wearing them again. Teenagers are seeing them on Netflix’s Stranger Things. They are finding them in boutiques, department stores, and shopping malls. Throughout the United States, teenagers are exposed to advertising through TV shows, social media, billboards, etc.

Whether or not one is aware, people are constantly conforming to new trends. When a viewer scrolls through a celebrity’s Instagram post or goes to watch their favorite TV program, they passively intake the promotion for a particular product. This applies to scrunchies. When teenage girls see Kim Kardashian wearing this hair accessory and then find it on the shelves of every Marshalls, Target, and American Eagle, many unknowingly begin to tell themselves they need this product. Americans consume information found through their media platforms and immediately want to implement it into their own lives.

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