Why Is There An Issue With Students Wearing A Full Face?

By: Mariah Cruz

This Thursday on Halloween students will be able to wear a costume and go around the school and Trick or Treat. Halloween is the best time for students who are talented at makeup and creating beautiful and unique looks, but because Powell is lame students are not allowed to paint their face. We also aren’t allowed to wear masks which I can understand, but most costumes require students to paint their full face. For example, the Joker is what most people will most likely dress up as, but Joker requires a full face of clown makeup which students won’t be allowed to wear. I know a few students who were very upset last year, me included, for not being able to paint their face. Administration has said the reason they will not allow full painted faces is because they don’t want students to make a mess with it. Which I think is stupid because if it’s just on their face it shouldn’t be an issue, but body paint I can understand that being an issue. I just think some students will be upset that they can’t show off their makeup skills as much as they’d like too.

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