Why Homecoming Sucked This Year

By Anonymous

Spirit week and the Homecoming game are supposed to be two of the most memorable events in high school, especially for seniors. This is my senior year, my LAST YEAR of high school, and homecoming was absolute s💩💩💩. The themes, the way it was put together, and everything. In the past, seniors had so much more fun. They had themes that actually made sense and clothes to wear to school for Spirit Week. Not to mention every year, the theme for homecoming is supposed to be white out because seniors are supposed to wear togas. This year, our theme was Hawaiian Night. Which means the most of the student section were dressed half naked the whole game.

The homecoming game theme didn’t seem like anything when you heard the Spirit Week themes. It sucked enough that Spirit Week was only 4 days, but the themes were absolute garbage every freaking day. Tuesday was Tacky Twin day, which was expected; every year there’s “Tacky Tuesday” or “Twin Day”, but it’s stupid they combined them because most people dress tacky as h every day, so really they just had to twin. Might as well left it as Twin Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday were the dumbest Spirit Week themes I had EVER heard of. Wednesday was Salad Dressing Day. Yup, we were suppose to dress up as a freaking salad. The underclassmen had it easy in this case with what to wear, but they still made no sense...AT ALL!! Freshmen were Honey Mustard, which is actually more of a dipping sauce than salad dressing, but they wore yellow and practically just looked like little highlighters walking around. The Sophomores were Ranch, and they dressed western. The Juniors were Thousand Island, and they dressed with the Hawaiian theme. Then there were the seniors. Our theme was togas. So basically we were being told to wear our togas to school, when in reality we should be wearing them to the game. Plus, how are seniors supposed to wear togas to school when our dress code is so ridiculous? Might as well have sent all us home. Thursday was just as stupid. “Act Your Age Day”. The students here have a hard enough time with that, and most of them ended up acting like what they’re supposed to dress up as. Freshmen were supposed to dress as toddlers, and honestly most of them could probably fit into toddler clothes. The Sophomores dressed as college students, which doesn’t really make sense to me. The Juniors were somehow adults, which is completely backward. The Freshman act more mature than the Juniors. Then back to the seniors who had the incredibly sh💩💩💩y theme: dress as senior citizens. REALLY?! Friday was just your average school color day, which was honestly the only day people really dressed up. I, personally, want to know what the h😈😈😈 happened to the normal, fun themes where everyone dressed up and we weren’t sectioned off by grade.

Sadly we all trudged our way through last week. They really didn’t even have it organized, at all. Tuesday, they didn’t have winners OR take pictures because no one remembered to announce it. Then Wednesday AND Thursday they screwed up again and didn’t call students until 5-8 minutes until the bell rang to take pictures. If we’re being real though they were probably embarrassed by how little students cared about the idiotic themes this year.

I took some time out of fourth period to ask a senior class what they thought about homecoming this year, and most replied with “Sh💩💩💩y themes”, “I’m disappointed”, “Should've done better”, and “This is bulls💩💩t”. Nothing about senior year is going to be fun, or exciting if everything goes like homecoming week did. It sucks that I was excited to be a part of my senior year, dress up, and show spirit, but there was absolutely no point of getting excited if all of it will be as stupid as they’ve made it so far.

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